stoves - wood

The wood stove is the most common wood-heating appliance. It can be safely located almost anywhere as long as there is enough space and a chimney can be properly routed. The ideal place for the space heater is in the centre of the main-floor living area of the house, with the flue pipe running straight up from the stove flue collar into the chimney. This type of installation provides the best performance and requires the least maintenance.

Wood stoves range from very small units, designed to heat only a small area, to large stoves that can heat large houses. However, large-output stoves work well only if your house has an open-plan design where the heat can readily circulate to other areas.

Wood stoves deliver heat to a room by a combination of direct radiation and convection. The exterior designs of wood stoves owe more to aesthetics and personal preference than to performance. There are clear differences in performance between cast iron and plate steel constructions and not between painted and enamelled finishes. The real difference is the technology inside the older conventional wood stoves as opposed to the technology in the high-efficiency-high EPA rated units of today.
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